Motorvac Products at CARQUEST New Mexico!

img_carboncleanCarbon Clean MCS 245

Gas Service Package

  • Fully Electronic-Microprocessor Controlled Operation
  • System Runs Unattended
  • Works on Port Fuel, TBI, CIS and Carbureted Vehicles
  • Portable – 12 Volt DC Operation
  • Service Benefits Include:
    • Improved Performance
    • Improved Mileage
    • Emissions Reduction
    • Portable – 12 Volt DC Operation
  • Excellent Return on Investment; One Service per Day Will Pay for the Machine in a Few Months!


Motorvac Part# 500-0245CQ


Price valid 1/01/09 – 3/31-09

For more information about purchasing this product in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, or Bernalillo, New Mexico, contact Dominic Garcia at (505) 670-6857 or via email at nxtlvldom@comcast.net.


The NGS Mach II is available at CARQUEST New Mexico!

ngsmachiiv1The NGS MACH II provides dealer level functionality!

Feature Benefit
Twice the Display Area Improved Readability
Increased memory Faster processing
LED indicators Instant link confirmation
Embedded Software No cards/VIMs to swap
Internet Updateable Always current
New Platform Future Expandability
Performance Features
Feature Benefit
Dealer-level Functionality Improved shop revenue
Proprietary OEM Code Retrieval & PID Display Accurate Diagnosis
Active Commands/Bi-directional Controls Driver Seat Diagnostics
Power Balance Misfire Diagnostics Accurately identify misfiring cylinders
Automated EVAP Monitor Test Verification of system integrity
PATS Key Reprogramming Manage ALL security functions
ABS Service Bleed Functionality Access ALL brake service functions
Programmable Module Installation (PMI) Trouble free new module installation
Module Configuration Customize module settings
Module Flash Capability Update module software


Part# WAE 82065


Price valid 1/01/09 – 3/31/09

For more information about purchasing this product in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, or Bernalillo, NM please contact Dominic Garcia at (505) 670-6857 or via email at nxtlvldom@comcast.net.


The Chief Titan 360 is now available at CARQUEST Auto Parts

titan-360-logo1titan-360The Chief Titan 360


From its brawny 10-Ton towers to its impressive 12,000 pound lift
capacity, the Titan™-360 combines all the raw power you’ll ever need with the innovative and easy-to-use features Chief is famous for to enable you to get the job done quickly, correctly and profitably.

Why waste money on multiple racks or pulling systems that choke on the big jobs, when the Titan-360 provides all the power and performance you’ll ever need.

Carquest Part# CFM 687004


Price valid 1/01/09 – 3/31/09

For more information about purchasing this product in the New Mexico area, including Santa Fe, Rio Rancho, Albuquerque, and Bernalillo, please contact Dominic Garcia at (505) 670-6857 or via email at nxtlvldom@comcast.net.


Looking for a Rotary lift in New Mexico?

rotary-liftThis 10,000 lb Rotary lift has the following features:

  • True asymmetric, with columns at rotated 30º.  This places the approximate center of gravity of the vehicle in line with the optimum load capability of the column
  • “Double S” column design with single piece construction provides a channel for the bearings to travel in, maximizing the strength of the column and surface contact area of the bearing
  • Single point lock release which releases the locks at the same time
  • Two full stroke cylinders, one in each column
  • Arm restraints on each arm engage when the vehicle is lifted
  • Third party certified
  • 10,000 lbs. capacity

Carqest part#  CQOA10

Now Available at Carquest for only:


Price valid 1/01/09 – 03/31/09

For more information about purchasing any Rotary products and equipment in the New Mexico area including: Santa fe, Rio Rancho, Albuquerque, and Bernalillo, please contact Dominic Garcia at (505) 670-6857 or via email at nxtlvldom@comcast.net.


20 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press is at Carquest

pressThis 20-ton hydraulic shop press is made in America by OTC and handles pressing, straightening or bending chores, removal or installation of gears , bearings and bushings.


OTC Part# 1824a


Price valid 1/01/09 – 03/31/09


For information about purchasing this and other OTC products in Santa Fe, Rio Rancho, or Albuquerque, NM please contact Carquest Sales Rep Dominic Garcia at (505) 670-6857 or via email at nxtlvldom@comcast.net.


The Bosch Tech 2 is available at the New Mexico Carquest Stores!

tech-2The Complete GM Solution!

Authentic GM software provides the most comprehensive diagnostic software for late model GM vehicles. The Tech 2 also supports onboard diagnostics and full bi-directional control when performing powertrain, chassis and body diagnostics.

The Starter Kit -

Includes the current load of NAO software.

Bosch Part# 01002668

$4295.00                  Lease options available!

Price valid 1/01/09 – 3/31/09

For more information about purchasing this product from Carquest of  Santa Fe, Rio Rancho, or Albuquerque, NM, please contact Dominic Garcia at (505) 670-6857 or via email at nxtlvldom@comcast.net.


The Pegisys Diagnostic System is now available at Carquest in New Mexico!

Pegisys Diagnostic System

pegisysThe new OTC Pegisys provides coverage for 44 different from over 25 different manufacturers.

At the FenderTM
OTC Direct-Hit Technician, Powered by IdentifixTM is an exciting new option to help you find fixes even faster with Identifix’s unique, experience-based diagnostic information At the FenderTM on OTC’s new Pegisys scan tool.

Untethered Diagnostics
The PegisysTM Vehicle Communications Interface (VCI) links wirelessly to the host device, allowing the technician to inspect the vehicle’s hard-to-reach computer-controlled components without being tethered to a conventional scan tool cable by using dependable 802.11b/g WiFi technology.

SpeedScrollTM Control
Rotational controls allow you to quickly and efficiently scroll through menus from the left side and independently manipulate data from the right side. Scroll through long data lists fast – even when using gloves.

Touch Screen
The screen itself is also a navigation method. The touch screen and the unique graphic user interface allow you to use your finger, or the included stylus, to navigate through menus and other diagnostic functions. It’s that simple.

High-Speed Scope
Featuring the latest PC technology combined with OTC’s 25-year experience in scan technology and integrated high speed scope make this the most advanced diagnostic system in the industry.

Features DVD-quality MPEG4 playback. Plug it into a monitor for an even bigger screen! It also features jacks for headphones, a microphone, video out, and more. As a multi-media device, it makes it ideal for sales clinics, training, technical support, and diagnostic information.

PegisysTM Diagnostic System Kit Contents
Pegisys Diagnostic Tool storage solution permits the unit to be stored with cable attached to enable the technician to get to work fast.

  • Cable Case top and bottom halves split for easy placement into most tool box drawers.
  • OEM adapters are identified by color, part number, and description for easy identification and storage.
  • Provide storage for the optional Heavy Duty cables, Extension cable, and other accessories.
  • Rugged blow-molded construction for durability.

    OTC Part# 3825                    $5499.00

    Price valid 1/01/09 – 3/31/09

    If you are a technician in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, or Bernalillo, NM contact Carquest Sales Rep, Dominic Garcia at (505) 670-6857 or via email at nxtlvldom@comcast.net.


    The New Genisys EVO Incorporates New Technician Requested Productivity Enhancements

    The new Genisys EVO includes video out for projection to a PC monitor, USB communications for use with a diagnostic workstation, asynchronous DataStream with 4-line graphs per screen to better view and analyze data in real time all in a new aggressive design, plus…

    “Code-Assist™ provides over a million experienced-based Confirmed Fixes™ for vehicle specific, individual OBD-II Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s). Code-Assist was developed using over 3.5 Million hotline calls to the Identifix® Repair Hotline™ and the 5 Million + Direct-Hit™ uses by Identifix customers each year. Unlike the traditional list of theoretical potential causes provided by service manuals, Code-Assist supplies validated fixes for the B, C, P and U codes actually being set on vehicles and then ranks them by frequency, designating them as Top Reported Fixes, Frequently Reported Fixes and Also Reported Fixes. Code-Assist saves time and increases productivity by helping to prioritize your diagnostic strategy.”

    Code-Assist™ is installed on every New Genisys EVO and available for earlier Genisys tools in 3421-104 USA 2008 Domestic software and the popular 3421-106 Genisys Super Bundle Productivity Kit.

    genisys-evo1Genisys EVO™ 2008 Kit with ABS/Air Bag & Cables


    • NEW Genisys EVOTM System 3.0 featuring Code-Assist™ with OBD II Smart Cable
    • Automated System Test™
    • USA 2008 Domestic software with Pathfinder
    • Repair-Trac™
    • Fast fixes™
    • USA 2008 Asian software
    • USA 2008 ABS/Air Bag software and vehicle-specific cables
    • InfoTech 2006 software
    • Manuals, adapters and domestic OBD I vehicle cables (for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, Saturn)
    • Smart Cards
    • Carrying case.


    • OTC 3862

    • $2049.00

     Available At CARQUEST In New Mexico!

     Price valid 1/01/09 – 3/31/09

    This tool is available at Carquest of  Santa Fe, Rio Rancho, and Albuquerque NM. Please contact Carquest Sales Rep, Dominic Garcia for more information at 505-670-6857 or nxtlvldom@comcast.net


    COATS Tire Changer On Sale in New Mexico!

    COATS Rim Clamp Tire Changers

    model50405040A/E is designed to work on variety of applications, including virtually all OE fitments.

    Electric: 5040E
    Air:          5050A

    Sale Price: $3465
    Price after $300 cash back from COATS…


    Price valid 1/01/09 – 3/31/09


    Wheel Capability Steel, many alloys, and some performance applications.
    Tool Head Offset Adjustment Spring assisted lift, manual set back, and lock.
    Shape of Tabletop “X” shaped for rigid perimeter support of the wheel.
    Wheel Clamping Method Four self centering clamps in table top actuated by pneumatic cylinder.
    Bead Loosening System Foot control actuates cylinder that handles wheels up to 10.5” wide.
    Drive System (Electric) 110v, 15A, single phase; 110 to 175 PSI, 2 HP compressor, 5 SCFM at 150 PSI
    Required Air Source (Air Drive) 110 to 175 PSI, 5 HP compressor, 14 to 15 SCFM at 150 PSI
    Pressure Limiter Standard
    Bead Seating Reservoir 3.4 gal. tank, pressure protected.
    Inflation Gauge Easily calibrated 0 to 60 PSI gauge with protection to 200 PSI. Damage resistant Lexan faceplate.
    Filter Lubricator Standard with automatic drain and large capacity lubricator bowl.
    Clamping Range 10” – 21” External.
    12” – 24” Internal.
    Maximum Tire Width 10.5 inches.
    Maximum Tire Diameter 50 inches.
    Chassis Footprint 35” wide x 44” deep x 70” high
    Shipping Weight 585 lbs.



    For more information contact Carquest’s Dominic Garcia at (505) 670-6857 or nxtlvldom@comcast.net.


    Ammco Brake Lathes On Sale at the New Mexico Carquest Stores!

    model-4000bAmmco 400sp Brake Lathe for $4750.00 including an $800 cash rebate. Price valid 1/01/09 – 3/31/09.

    Features include:


    Maximum Rotor Diameter
    Maximum Rotor Thickness
    Brake Drum Diameter
    Minimum 6″, Maximum 28″
    Maximum Drum Depth 6.875″
    Spindle Travel 6.875″
    Spindle Speed
    100 RPM
    Spindle Feed Speed Drum 0.005 in/rev
    Cross Feed Speed Rotor 0.002 in/rev
    Maximum Load
    Standard 1″ Arbor, 100 lbs.
    Rotor Feed Rate
    Floor Space Requirements
    48″ width x 34.5″ depth
    Electrical Requirements Standard 115v AC, 20A @ 60 Hz, 1Ph
    Shipping Weight
    365 lbs.

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